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Spring Cleaning!

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

With the days getting longer and the weather improving, many of you may be inspired to do some Spring cleaning.

Why not Spring clean your cleaning products first? I've seen plenty of presses bursting with numerous cleaning products, presses so full that it becomes hard to find what you are looking for. When your presses are like this you will often find duplicates. You may end up repurchasing because you either can't find what you are looking for, or you buy it again because you can't remember if you already have it .

I challenge you to organise and declutter your cleaning supplies!

Follow my step by step process below:

Step 1:

Take all your cleaning supplies out of the press.

Step 2:

Group like items together.

For example: glass cleaners, kitchen cleaners, bathroom cleaners etc.

Step 3:

Anything you no longer use or haven't used in the past year can go.

Feel guilty about letting some of it go? You can always post it for free on a local Facebook group or on, it will surely go to someone who could use it.

If you find a few half empty bottles of the same product and brand you can pour them into the one bottle to save space.

Step 4:

When putting everything back, keep like products together.

Ideally you should store cleaning supplies near where they are used. Kitchen cleaners in the kitchen, bathroom cleaners near the bathroom. If you are short on space why not try a caddy? This way you have your cleaning supplies ready to grab and go.

Want to gain even more space and help the environment while doing so?

I've minimised the amount of cleaning products in our home by making my own DIY eco-friendly cleaners. Since switching I have found so many benefits!

  • Eco friendly cleaning reduces the amount of cleaners I need, which saves on space.

  • Eco friendly cleaners are cheaper!

  • Eco friendly cleaners smell nicer.

  • Eco friendly cleaners are healthier.

  • Eco friendly cleaners are better for the environment!

I get my DIY cleaning recipes from Clean Mama. She also has a great cleaning routine!

Amber spray bottles can be purchased at

Sodium Bicarbonate & Rubbing Alcohol can be purchased in bulk from Bomar.

Would you consider switching to eco-friendly cleaning?

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1 Comment

Page Winograd
Page Winograd
Mar 03, 2021

Yes! This is exactly the kind of spring cleaning I need! I tend to overbuy on cleaning products and they end up scattered all over the house in different cubbyholes. I love the idea of using less harmful chemicals and the "clean" look of the bottles- and the lazy susan is a great trick, too. What a great subject for your first blog post!

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